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Meetup - October 2019

  • Gameloft Montreal 7250 Rue Marconi Montréal, QC, H2R 2Z5 Canada (map)

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6.00pm - Doors Open

6:30pm - Presentation: Tracy Boungnaseng - How we used data to rethink our liveOps strategy

"Through this presentation I will present how we used data to build our liveOps strategy on DHC and how learnings helped us to build our LiveOps vision for our upcoming games. From bundles creation, gachas, difficulty adjustment and rewards definition – more extensively design events – data help the game team to make decisions and try new things."

7:05pm - Presentation: A case of PBR: The how and why of physically based rendering - Antoine Fortin

Since the early 70's, rendering techniques have changed a lot. Introduced in the early 2000's, PBR is a fascinating subject at the really edge of computer science, physics and real world simulations. This talk will go through a brief history of rendering and how the researches leaded to this technique of rendering. I will also present some of the general physic theories and equations behind the idea while explaining how it can be translated to code to create stunning graphical output.

7:40pm - Bug Hunt

A simple game of "find the bug". We will show some pieces of code that have bugs in them. The first person to correctly spot and fix the bug in each example wins a prize!

8:00pm - Drinks and Mingle

Have a drink and chat with your fellow guests.

9:00pm - Doors Close